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Almost everyone who joined APB in the 1940s till mid 1990s would know of “Colonel” Yap Mook Yoong, who was a well-known senior, highly respected in the brewery. We don’t call him “Colonel” just for fun, but he in actual fact was a true lieutenant-colonel in the Singapore Volunteer Corps (now known as the Singapore Armed Forces)! He served the company for a good 50 years! He was a true ambassador of the Tiger Tavern and the brewery throughout his time in APB.

He was a very hospitable person with so much pride in his job. I recall the times where he always told me how he worked five days a week, and his meals were mostly just beer (talk about liquid diet!). According to Colonel Yap, he wouldn’t need to consume food but beer was always a must. In his 50 years of service, he was always a great advertisement and believer in the company with so much devotion to APB and its beers. Even after he retired, many visitors from different countries who came to the brewery regularly remember him fondly and ask for him. Indeed it was great knowing such a legend in APB.

Submitted by Alice Cheong



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