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Jessica Alba (2005)

Starring Jessica Alba, this commercial marked the first time Tiger Beer cast a Hollywood celebrity.

It’s Tiger Time (2004)

Best known for its catchy tune and tagline “It’s Tiger Time!”, this commercial gave its worldwide audience an authentic taste of Singapore.

Parade (2003)

In addition to the theme “Gold As Good Around The World”, a new slogan “It’s Time” was introduced.

It’s Time (2002)

Set in ancient China, this Chinese pugilism-inspired commercial was shown exclusively in Southeast Asia.

Matador Project Gold (Mid 90s)

Helmed by renowned director Roman Coppola, this commercial positioned Tiger Beer as the beer for winners.

Around The World (1978)

Showcasing Tiger Beer’s global appeal, this commercial announced that Tiger Beer was no longer a local beer, and had made its mark around the world.

Earthquake (1973)

Tiger Beer’s first TV commercial showed a group of unfazed men drinking Tiger Beer during a earthquake, showing that Tiger Beer, and its drinkers, is unshakeable.

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