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RAF 81 Squadron – Al Taylor

Al Taylor served in the Royal Air Force (UK) 81 Squadron from 1954 – 1959 as an airplane engine technician operating out of Seletar Air Base. During shift breaks, comrades’ farewells or joyous celebrations, he and his mates headed without fail to the bar at the mess (room where food is served) and toasted them all with a pint of Tiger.

When he came back to Singapore in 2008 for the first time in 50 years, he sought the brewery he knew as a young soldier – except it was no longer at Alexandra Road. He stepped into the Tiger Tavern at our current Tuas location and was taken back to his heyday, his memories triggered by the military plaques lining the Tavern walls.

Al Taylor said: “I thought the Tavern, a place that reminds all of us of the good times celebrated with a pint of Tiger, was a fitting home for the RAF 81 Squadron.”

APB had acceded to his request to set up a corner not only in honour of those who had served, but also paying homage to those who had enjoyed their Tiger Beer decades ago.

Al also shared with APB aerial photographs taken by the very planes he and his crew had taken. Those images were then stitched to form maps still in use by the government of today.

In 2010, he and his brothers-in-arms, some fellow Singaporeans, returned to their place of good memories – the Tiger Tavern. This time, he came with a commemorative plaque and frame, presenting it to then general manager Michael Chin. This stands till today, a testament of what something as simple as a pint of beer can bring people together regardless of time and age.


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