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My Partner in Crime!

Partner In Crime

I joined APBS in 31st of March 1998 as a HR Personnel and my primary role was to assist with the on-boarding of new staff. It was an interesting role which enabled me to meet a lot of new people, and this was how I met my forever partner in crime, my dear husband, Ron.

Ron joined the company in 2001 as Technical Training Officer in HR, and I definitely remembered it was not love at first sight as he was wearing office wear with sandals to his interview! Yes I was definitely checking him out from head to toe, literally to the toe. Haha! I later learnt that he had a sprained ankle, which was why he couldn’t wear covered shoes. Nevertheless, his dress sense left quite an impression on me.

Later on, we were to work on a project together, which was PINK day or also known as Anti-Stress Day. Working in a big company like APB can be stressful at times, and it was a day to remind everyone to take time off and unwind with various activities and team games planned throughout the day. We planned ahead for almost two months, and this was how Ron and I slowly became better friends and started developing a closer relationship – both professionally at work and personally off work. We got together soon after, and it was not a kept secret as we were open about our relationship and ensured that it did not affect us professionally at work. Our colleagues were utmost supportive of it too!

Ron decided to pursue his career elsewhere and left APB, and that was when we decided to take our relationship to the next level. Ron and I got married in 1st Oct 2005, and now, I’m proud to say that we are a happy family of 4, with 2 cute daughters. I am very grateful to be working here in APB, for if it never existed, I would never had met the love of my life and have the beautiful family I am blessed with today.

PS: This photo was taken in 2003, when we celebrated Ron’s birthday in the Tiger Tavern. 14 years later, the Tavern still looks the same!

Submitted by Emily Ong


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