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In the old days of TOP

Some said it made a huge difference. Some said it made us look like insurance agents.

We were told it was important when we went to the kopitiams. It would helped us to stand out and make us “highly respected”. Maybe it was like seeing the summon aunty. Or seeing the promoter girls. I’m not sure how people felt when they saw us but “stand out” we surely did.

It was difficult for most of us. We didn’t use Google much back then. As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. We were struggling with it, so we adapted.

I first heard of the innovation on a warm Tuesday night. Beads of sweat were pouring over my head and my long sleeves were stuck on my skin. I was at my outlet when I met a colleague. He showed me how he discovered our very own lemonade. You wouldn’t be able tell the difference. Our lives changed.

It was revolutionary. Before long, almost everybody had adopted this innovation. Some say that it should not have been done our way. But I say that it taught us the importance of human innovation.

The zipper tie served many TOP sales officers well. It will be dearly remembered.

Submitted by Rochelle Chan


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