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Do you know how to brew?

Have you brewed a beer before? Well, we do, everyday. But sometimes working in a brewery doesn’t really mean you have the chance to brew or even get to know the whole process of brewing.

However a few months ago, we had a challenge in the marketing team: to brew our own special beer, from chosing the ingredients to literally brew it.

We had a discussion on who we were targeting, how does the beer was supposed to taste, the ABV, the color, the after taste… and at the end we got this description:

With the tropical climate all year round, Paradox is a lager style beer with anti oxidant blueberries and hints of tangerine to provide balance and an instant refreshment, with toasted malt characters and a light fruitiness.
Fancy right? In paper looks easy, but once we got into the brewery the hard work started… how were we supposed to transform that “cool” description into something real, something that people will really like…

To be honest it wasn’t easy, everything has to be on time, the ingredients must be precise, you can’t skip a step, there are no shortcuts… brewing takes time and patience.

And at the end we managed to brew something interesting and with a great taste, did we learn how to brew? Yes. But what we really learned is the hard work behind brewing, the long time it takes to get something truly special… a beer. Sometimes we take it for granted, just go to the bar ask for a beer and that’s it, but behind every pint, there’s an army of people working to get that perfect and refreshing taste.

Submitted by Arturo Lozano



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