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No. 230 Squadron – The Malayan Tigers

The badge of No. 230 Squadron was inspired by the trademark appearing on bottles of Malayan Breweries Ltd’s “Tiger” beer. No. 230 Squadron’s task was to fly reconnaissance patrols over the Indian Ocean and the approaches to Malaya and Singapore.

It was during this period that No. 230 Squadron acquired its official badge. The subject of the badge design had been in discussion for quite some time, and it was during one of these discussions that took place in a bar that a suitable design was finally agreed upon. A number of squadron personnel were sampling Tiger Beer brewed by Malayan Breweries Ltd when one of them shouted and announced, pointing to the beer label, that he had found the new squadron badge. As seen in the image, the brewery’s trademark of a tiger in front of a palm tree is almost identical to the squadron’s badge.

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